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WordPress Installation in localhost

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system written in PHP and paired with a MySQL or MariaDB database. Features include a plugin architecture and a template system, referred to within WordPress as Themes. Before we start to work on WordPress we have to install first , there are various steps to install WordPress . WordPress Installation in localhost step by step procedure will follow as-

Follow these WordPress installation in localhost :-

Step 1:- Go to to install WordPress.
Step 2:- Go to the Download section and extract the WordPress you have downloaded.
Step 3:- After that make a folder in HTDOCS , so how you can find HTDOCS folder I’ll tell you :-

->Go to C-drive in your system.
->After that open XAMPP folder , if you don’t know what exactly XAMPP is you can download from here .
->Now , In XAMPP folder you see folder named as HTDOCS , go to this folder.
->Make another folder in HTDOCS and rename it, just like I can say that WordPress.
Step 4:-Now copy all the extracted file and paste in the newly WordPress folder.
Step 5:-Then, Go to your browser and search for localhost/WordPress/ , you got this in below –

First Image during wordpress installation
First Image during wordpress installation

Step 6:- Choose your language what you want and Click on Continue button , then you will find this , click on Lets go.

WordPress configuration step -1
configuration step -1

Step 7:- Now , go to new tab on your browser and search for this localhost/phpmyadmin/ . Make a database on that , suppose the database name is WordPress. After making the database , now you can close this tab.

Step 8:-After clicking ‘Lets go’ , you will find this page on your screen –

wordpress configuration step-2
configuration step-2

->Now, Fill database name that is WordPress.
->Username is ‘root’.
->Password will be blank , and then click on submit.
->Run the Installation , after that you will find this.

WordPress configuration step-3
configuration step-3

Step 9:- Choose your Site Title , Username , Password and your email.

Note->Your Username and Password is very important so remember your Username and Password .
Note->Don’t check the search engine visibility otherwise your website will not visible in search engine , So Be Careful.

Step 10:- Click on Install WordPress , after that you will directly reach in the dashboard of your WordPress site , which is look like as,

WordPress Dashboard
WordPress Dashboard

Note :- When you make a folder in HTDOCS then every time you install WordPress , each time you will rename your folder and also make a database .

If you want to make a WordPress website then you must know about Elementor , Using this Elementor you can customize your website very easily . To know more about WordPress Elementor , you can click the link below :-

WordPress Elementor website Builder

Conclusion :-

So, This is how You do step by step WordPress Installation in localhost easily on your computer or desktop system. So that , you can make your own websites very easily .

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